October 21, 2021


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9 Must-Know Real Estate Investment Tools and software.

Real Estate Investment Tools

As modern tech and real estate investing tools become available, those that embrace them early have a competitive edge.

There are many niche-specific real estate software choices for wholesalers, home flippers, , rental dealers, and commercial investors. Nevertheless, by using the appropriate software, investors may boost their productivity and profit margins in the long term. Additionally, it may make a huge difference in terms of how far you can travel.

This article will cover the five best real estate tools for locating and evaluating successful investment properties for sale, but will not address tools for real estate investors who own and manage rental properties. Are you curious as to why? If you stick with us to the finish, you will understand why.

9 Must-Know Real Estate Investment Tools and software.

1. Propstream

Propstream is people’s favourite tool for scoring off-market bargains. There are distressed property leads for sale in every given US market. That consists of pre-foreclosure properties, REO (bank-owned) properties, and properties that have gone into foreclosure (bank-owned). This way, you can see them on a map and in a list.

Propstream uses market research, comps, and area data and trends to assess these distressed homes. With this system, you may get in touch with the property’s owners quickly and simply.

In addition to this, you can use the platform’s built-in owner records to send postcards, text messages, or voicemail-less voicemails straight from the programme. Propstream, in the event that the owners have vanished, provides a skip tracing service to locate and contact them.

  • For those times when you’re on the move, the Propstream mobile app is really simple to use.
  • For more information, read about Propstream’s use in Braden’s wholesaling company.
  • The monthly price is $99.
  • A great option for those searching for off-market deals that favour digital research
Real Estate Investment Tools

2. Real Data

Real Data is an extremely sophisticated Excel-based real estate management programme. For modest as well as big portfolios, it performs the best.

Real Data is great for making fast decisions on whether the property is worthwhile. In addition, it has calculators and deal analyzers tailored to assist in company operations. While Real Data offers many valuable reporting and presentation capabilities, some of the most important are their reports and presentations. Lenders and investors may be enticed by intricate investor presentations.


  • Money-making module with powerful impact
  • Coupled with sophisticated functionality, the partnership module delivers a better user experience.
  • Profitability analysis and cash flow


  • This one product includes all of the programme hosting capabilities, in one bundle.
  • Investors of all sizes may benefit from the many choices it provides.


  • There are security features that are restricted
Real Estate Investment Tools

3. Real Estate Heatmap

While you are undoubtedly acquainted with the idea of a heatmap – a visual depiction of large amounts of data using various colour codes – you may be unsure how it relates to real estate investment. In 2019, the heatmap analysis tool established itself as a must-have real estate investing tool, and this trend is anticipated to continue in 2020.

The first stage in determining how to purchase an investment property is to perform real estate market research in order to determine the most lucrative areas, and neighbourhood analysis is a critical component of this.

Typically, neighbourhood analysis in real estate takes days or weeks to complete as you gather all the required real estate comps and other data and then do the necessary calculations using spreadsheets.

Finding income homes via the use of a heatmap has transformed this procedure, enabling investors to quickly identify the finest areas in any US property market. Real estate investors may use several criteria to determine the best locations to invest in rental property, including the following:

  • The cost of listing a property
  • Rental revenue from traditional and Airbnb rentals
  • Cash-on-cash returns from both traditional and Airbnb
  • The occupancy rate of Airbnb
Real Estate Investment Tools

4. Deal Machine

Investing in real estate is made much easier thanks to Deal Machine, a cutting-edge deal-finding engine.

You use the Deal Machine app to take a picture of any property to list it on the service. It pulls up the property records, including transaction history, tax assessment, and owner information, by blending your GPS data with your photos. They are also able to find out the owner’s email address as well.

Once you have designed your personalised postcard, all you have to do is click a button and send it to the owner, with the exception of mailing the actual postcard. Another investors’ preference is to visit homes and communities in person to get the personal experience of seeing these places.

Learn more about the Deal Machine by reading our complete review here.

  • Pricing will begin at $49 per month.
  • Best for: drive for money shoppers who don’t want to work the market
Real Estate Investment Tools

Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools

5. Analyst Pro

Among commercial investors, The Analyst Pro is the most effective real estate software programme available today. It caters to users’ requirements while also presenting the most essential data for analysing your company’ projected future. However, instead of charging a one-time cost, it charges a yearly fee. Some of the most extensive reporting and analytical capabilities are provided by this programme.


  • Using commercial property tools and evaluating commercial property
  • Analyse of the risks associated with the location
  • Calculate your mortgage payments using our mortgage calculator
  • Calculate the 1031 exchange rate


  • Multiple management tools are included.
  • In addition, it produces detailed reports that represent the real investment possibilities


  • When compared to other instruments available on the market, it’s costly.
Real Estate Investment Tools

Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools

6. Online Property Finders

Finding real estate properties for sale in the traditional manner – via local newspapers, searching for “For Sale” signs, and through real estate brokers – will be obsolete in 2020. Why? Because if you continue to depend on this strategy, other, more technologically adept investors will grab up all the excellent real estate opportunities before you can.

Artificial intelligence and big data provide real estate investors a competitive advantage that they cannot afford to overlook in the twenty-first century. Access to this technology is available through Mashvisor’s Property Finder. This real estate investing software application assists novice investors in locating rental properties for sale that match their investment requirements and return on investment objectives. All that remains is for you to choose:

  • You may invest in up to five different real estate markets.
  • Your Budget
  • Renting approach that is optimal (traditional rentals or Airbnb rentals)
  • Type of property that is preferred (single family home, multi family home, condo, or other)
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms

While some of these criteria are required, others are optional. They will assist you in narrowing down your property search to get the best results. Below is a representation of the Los Angeles real estate market in 2019.

Real Estate Investment Tools

Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools

7. Argus

Argus is a comprehensive real estate investing package that helps you run your company more effectively. 
  • It has the capacity to forecast future real estate market patterns, which is very useful.
  • It also provides information on the effect of macroeconomic developments. 
  • This allows real estate investors and managers to make more informed choices in real time. 
  • It allows distant teams to collaborate since it is enterprise-level real estate software that facilitates data exchange and collaboration.
  • Cash flow analysis and valuations
  • Analyze scenarios and risks
  • Strategic planning and budgetingInstruments for investment and fund management
  • It makes precise forecasts about business trends.It has simple, user-friendly UI.
  • Some users express security worries.

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Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools Real Estate Investment Tools