October 21, 2021


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Adani Ports waives handling fees for Covid-related cargo and equipment.

Adani Ports waives handling fees

Adani Ports waives handling fees

SOURCE: The Hindu Business Line

Adani Ports and Special Economic Area Ltd (APSEZ) has agreed to waiver oxygen storage and handling fees and charges relating to ships that hold exclusively Covid-related equipment in its Indian ports network.

India’s leading privately owned port operator said that ships carrying equipment and cargo related to Covid will be given priority berthing.

The Business said in a statement that both measures would be in effect for three months or until 26 July.

Adani Ports waives handling fees

The step follows a similar decision of the Department of Ports, Shipping and Waterways for the central government’s 12 ports.

According to APSEZ, any steps adopted by the government to address this epidemic have always supported and been committed.

In view of the oxygen requirements and related equipment (medical oxygen grades, oxygen tanks, oxygen flasks, portable generators of oxygen for oxygen, steel pipes for oxygen cylinders etc), priority berthing has been chosen for the vessel carrying the cargoes related to Covid.

For this equipment the port does not charge any storage or handling costs, the cargo relating to Covid is handled in all storage modes.

Furthermore, the Port will not charge any relevant ship charges solely with Covid-related equipment for the call of ships in APSEZ-run ports.

Cargo evacuation is of paramount importance.

During declaration of vessel shipping companies and agencies must decry the subject cargo.

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Adani Ports waives handling fees Adani Ports waives handling fees